One week down 11 left to go

Well, we’re one week and we’ve hit the ground running.

This week was about settling back into the swing of uni and getting through all the intro lectures and tutorials.

Early in the week, I bounced around some topic ideas for my big feature piece.

Something that stuck with me was when Greg said to choose something we were passionate about, that would keep our interest for the 12 weeks.

From the ideas that I had, one stuck with me. So that was the idea I pitched, and while our ideas can change, I think I’ll probably stick mine out.

What was my pitch? Well in April Food Standards Australia and New Zealand stalled again on the discussion on whether palm oil should be labelled so on food products.

I think with this topic there are a few things that are very clear right now that I know I will need to look into. The environmental impact – global warming and flora and fauna, the health side of palm oil, what kind of fat is it, a healthy fat or not? What foods use it, why companies choose to use palm oil over other oils. Have other nations made labelling of palm oil mandatory and how has it worked there.

I think for now that is a good starting point, and as I go through the semester learning more about the topic more aspects will become clear, but for now, this is a good start.

Have a great week, see you back here again same time next week.



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