The face-mask with a 5000-person waiting list


The watermelon glow sleeping mask has a 5000 person waiting list. Photo: Supplied / Glow Recipe

Korean beauty trends have hit an all-time high with one brand having a 5000-person waiting list for one product.

Glow Recipe is an American based brand started by two skincare fanatics, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang.

Glow Recipe’s goal was to create natural, harsh-free beauty products and bring the latest skincare trends from Korea and make them accessible to beauty-forward women around the world.

The product that people have been going crazy for is the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. It has been so popular that its initial drop sold out, and now has a waiting list of 5000 people.

The Watermelon sleeping mask came to fruition because of Ms Chang and Ms Lee’s own skin concerns.

Ms Chang said “I love to exfoliate but suffer from uber dry, sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of manual exfoliators. I needed a soft exfoliator, that keeps my skin hydrated.”

Ms Lee had similar concerns but was yet to find her perfect product, so set out to make one.

“I’ve been dreaming about a product that would give me that post-facial, dewy glow in the morning. I love sleeping masks, but I haven’t found the perfect one for my particular and unpredictable skin.”

The pair said they had feedback from customers with similar concerns, so they wanted to create their ‘dream’ product.

The Watermelon mask is a lightweight mask that is exfoliating but also hydrating. But why was this particular fruit used?

Ms Chang and Ms Lee said “watermelon was the first fruit that came to mind for us – it’s Korea’s favourite fruit, especially during the warmer months. It’s a powerful hydrator, our grandmothers used to rub large, thick slabs of watermelon rind in lieu of ice on our backs when we were young to soothe and calm heat rash in the summer”.

In addition to the watermelon, hyaluronic acid and a blend of lactic and glycolic acids -which are common ingredients in skincare- were added to condition and re-texturize.

Korean skincare and beauty products have taken the world by storm with many Western beauty brands following suit and bringing out their own products using Korean innovation.

Sheet masks, essences, BB creams and cushion foundation are all products that originated from Korea.

Even beauty stores like Mecca Maxima have added Korean beauty brands to their line-up, or you could go straight to the source, stores like Hikoco in Newmarket bring Korean brands to New Zealand at affordable prices.

The watermelon glow sleep mask can be purchased from Glow Recipe’s website and they do ship to New Zealand, if you want to be put on that epic waiting list.


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