Press Conference Story


Auckland City is in chaos after a super storm hit early this morning.


A state of emergency has been declared in Auckland

Civil Defence and the Auckland City Council have declared a state of emergency in Auckland.

Currently, the Auckland region is being hit with a severe, widespread ‘super’ storm.

Civil Defence emergency operations manager, Aaron Davis said “the storm has caused localised flooding and damage to trees and power lines, has caused road closures. Due to the high winds, the Harbour Bridge has also been closed”.

The system reached Auckland early this morning with West Auckland, Rodney, South East Auckland and the CBD being the worst affected areas.

Davis said, “civil defence centres have been opened at ASB Stadium in Kohimarama, City Impact Church in Browns Bay and the central city library was open for anyone who is stranded in the CBD”.

Already this morning a small tornado battered Albany taking the roof off QBE Stadium dropping debris across the Albany Mega Centre and closing the Albany busway station.

Civil Defence advises that due to the storm public transport has been disrupted, particularly for those coming over the Northern busway and over the Harbour Bridge.

They also warned to take time when driving there is flooding on many roads so drive carefully and to the conditions. There is a lot of traffic on the roads which has caused congestion and accidents, if possible keep off the roads.

180,000 homes are without power mainly on the North Shore due to high winds causing damage at the Otahuhu substation.

Emergency services have been inundated with calls so Civil Defence stresses not to call 111 unless in a life-threatening situation.

Davis’ main message to those affected by the storm was to “stay at home and look after yourselves, friends, neighbours and families. It is in times like these when it is important to pull together and look after each other”.



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