Northern Mystics prepped and primed to take on Stars

It’s the final game of round 3 and the game that everyone has been waiting for. The first cross-town show down between the Northern Mystics and new outfit the Northern Stars.

Zero from two games, the game against the Stars will give the Mystics the opportunity to not only get their season going but to get an early scalp over their cross-town rivals.

The Mystics went down to the Pulse by one goal in round one before going down by seven against the Steel last Monday night.

This week has been all about consistency for the Mystics after giving away 20 turnovers against the Steel and 22 against the Pulse the week before.

“This week it’s all about playing consistently, and knowing that turnovers and the next centre pass are really important and that’s how you get the gains. So instead of taking one step forwards, two steps back, its turning that into three steps forward”, said defender Storm Purvis.

The Mystics defenders will be matching up against another tall shooter in Maia Wilson, who stands at 187.5cms, expect to see a lot of movement from the defenders from the Mystics whether Storm Purvis, Anna Harrison or Michaela Sokolich-Beatson is in the circle.

“I’ve noticed with her game this year she’s been moving a bit more. So, she’s sort of in and out of the circle. We’ve talked about moving ourselves as well, just to create confusion in that circle, because a lot it comes down to the connection the shooters have with the feeders, so if we can put doubt in the feeder’s mind then that’s helping to create ball” Miss Purvis said of their tactics for Wednesday night’s clash.

Preparing for this game has been business as usual according to Head Coach Helene Wilson.

“We’ve had two team trainings and been doing gym work, what else some skill stuff. We’ve had a focus on ensuring that we execute our skills properly, so that when we come into our game we’re not going to make as many errors as we have in our last two games”

The Mystics though will be hoping that inside knowledge will be able to match the talent of the Stars.

“I’ve coached just about the whole team, some of them I’ve coached significantly for a number of years, so that brings us an opportunity to I guess exploit their weaknesses as well”.

The Stars line-up will feature Kayla Cullen, Fa’amu Iaone, Sulu Fitzpatrick and Kate Burley who have all played for the Northern Mystics and that depth talent is not lost on Mrs Wilson.

“The stars have a team full of talent, so what we’ve been doing is looking at what each individual player brings, and how we can shut down what their skill or talent is and if we are able to break down the connections between the players that they have, then we believe we’ve got the talent to match them”.

As for the battle of Auckland rivalry well for the Mystics it’s just another game.

“To be honest it hasn’t really been mentioned, it’s just another game, their just another team. We all kind of think about it and I am excited about the battle of Auckland, but it hasn’t really been bought up, it’s just another game” Miss Purvis said.

The Mystics take on the Stars at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau on Wednesday 13th April, centre pass is at 7:40pm.

Audio Helene Wilson:

Audio Storm Purvis:


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