The business behind blogging


Grace Stratton started her blog post-surgery, it has since evolved into more than she could ever have imagined. Credit: Supplied, Grace Stratton.


Blogging is booming, it seems everyone has a blog or at the very least reads them. But little do readers know is there is a whole business behind blogging that is rarely seen.

Grace Stratton runs her blog Letters To Corey when she was in hospital and after running it for over a year has just announced that she will be launching a magazine to run alongside her blog.

“At the moment it looks like it will launch in the latter half of this year, and I’m hoping to launch it online and have it like an ebook, and then also do one print edition”, Ms Stratton said of her magazine.

Ellen Mackenzie and her sister Tara run their blog Shop Style Conquer but also have a YouTube channel and run a store.

She said of doing so many different things, “you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, I suppose, but you can be successful by just having a blog”.

“Letters To Corey makes money through sponsored content, collaborations, and like organisations will pay us to go photograph an event” Ms Stratton said.

Ms Stratton said her magazine will also contribute to her revenue, but not much, “I’m not going to have ads in the magazine, but it will be available for purchase. I’m aware that my age group probably don’t have a lot of money, so it will be between $5 and $8”.

Ms Mackenzie said they make money through their blog, but not as much as everyone thinks. “we make money through ads on our YouTube videos, sponsored posts on our blog and social media. We don’t earn much, definitely not even close to make a living off”.

While the blogging market seems large and there seems to be a lot of New Zealand based blogs. Popular blogging Facebook group Brunch Club has close to 600 members.

But Ms Mackenzie said “it can be quite hard in New Zealand because the market is smaller and brands don’t always want to pay bloggers”

Ms Stratton agreed stating “it takes a long time to develop those relationships with those brands”.




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