Safety paramount for new Electrix app


The Lone Worker Monitoring System computer program.

Safety is high on the priority list at Electrix with the imminent release of a lone worker application.

After a string of incidents (here, here and here) involving Electrix staff, the company is making sure that linemen have an added sense of security.

The Lone Worker Monitoring System is set for full release in the next two weeks.

Mornez Green the network operations manager for Electrix said that the system is an updated version of their current system. “Initially we had a manual process with our admin staff phoning our guys on the hour to find out how they were which was very time consuming and annoying to the guys. I thought of the idea to text rather than phone.”

The Lone Worker Monitoring System is an application that will send out text messages to make sure that the lone worker is not in any trouble. The worker must assess the risk at the beginning of the job and the time they will spend at the job site and log it in the system to be approved before they can even start on the job site.

If the job is accepted they will receive a message with confirmation and points of time where contact will be made. At the prescribed times, the system will send through a message which the worker must respond to within 5 minutes.

If the worker does not respond in 5 minutes the message will be sent again, if is still not responded to the system will start the escalation process. The system has a two-level escalation process, if the lone worker cannot be contacted by either escalation managers who oversee the workers then it will notify dispatch to make contact.

Electrix enlisted the help of Massey University IT students to fully develop the program. “For a period of one year I worked with 4 students to basically redesign and build a new system as part of the final year IT student project. After the completion of the final year project, I kept on two students and they are debugging the system at the moment” Mr Green said.

Currently in the testing phase the new system will be rolled out within the next two weeks, “we currently have one lineman testing the system and also three office staff” Mr. Green said.

Electrix has an obligation to monitor lone workers under the Safety Manual Electricity Industry or the SMEI.


Lone Worker Monitoring System App.


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